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My One Word for 2016

Posted by Linda Subia at 1/3/2016 8:00:00 AM

My ONE word for 2016:  BELIEVE

Over the holiday break, I had a lot of time to ponder.  What a challenging year it has been at Buddy West Elementary!  A new campus, new concept, new staff, new students, and new parents! The more I pondered, the more excited I was because I knew we successfully made it through an entire semester! 

It was now December and I had nothing but time to recollect memories from the year I spent preparing to open up the campus to the summer, unboxing hundreds of boxes of supplies, to team building with my new staff, I was in awe.  Looking into what I could do to increase the success of Buddy West Elementary, I turned to my Twitter educator PLN and ran across “One Word for 2016”.  It did not take much time for me to figure out what my one word would be:  “BELIEVE”.

How would one word help guide me through the new year?  Why did I choose BELIEVE? 

First of all, I BELIEVE anything is possible because of the man upstairs.  With that said, my faith continues to soar into the greatest things that build the campus foundation: 

My teachers:  As I look back to why I hired the teachers I did for the campus, I BELIEVE there was something about them that would bring a spark to our 21st century concept.  Who else would want to work in a building with glass walls and embrace, create, learn and accept a totally new teaching concept?  I BELIEVE they are in it for our students and parents.  I BELIEVE they are risk takers and know that teaching and learning needs to transform for the success of our students.  I BELIEVE they want to be the change makers for the 21st century and even though they have had many mountains to climb, they are climbing hard because they BELIEVE in us. I wholeheartedly BELIEVE in Buddy West teachers and they BELIEVE we are the innovators of our world. 

My students:   As I see their bright shining faces each day, it makes me more passionate about my profession.  Our students have embraced changes as well.  I BELIEVE they mold us, just as much as we mold them.  I BELIEVE they teach us life lessons like patience, love, and perseverance.  They help us become the great educators our world needs.  Maybe it’s the child who talks too much, or the child who needs more one to one learning time?  Or maybe it is the child who needs a smile or a simple “you can do it” to motivate them to do better.  Or is it the child that continues to want more and ask millions of questions and will someday rule the world?  We BELIEVE their young souls BELIEVE in US to fill their minds with knowledge, creativity, imagination, and grit, but most of all LOVE.  Our students BELIEVE that Buddy West is a place for dreamers.


My office staff and leadership team:  If you have never been in our building, go in someday.  When you walk into our office, you receive nothing but a smile and a friendly hello.  Buddy West office staff and leadership team BELIEVES that the office is the face of the school.  We BELIEVE our actions can bring happiness or sadness to our students, teachers, parents, and administration each day.  We choose happiness because we BELIEVE that everyone matters.  We also BELIEVE in unity and protecting our children and each other when troubles arise.  We stick together and at the end of the day, we BELIEVE we are in this together. 

Last but not least, since this is my blog, I must mention my personal family.  My two daughters and mother.  I BELIEVE they understand the meaning of hard work.  From my mother who raised me and has never given up on me, to my daughters who go to school, work hard, and set goals for themselves.  I BELIEVE they will grow up and find their purpose in this world. They BELIEVE their mommy works hard because she is passionate about every child that walks into Buddy West Elementary.   I am proud to say that I BELIEVE they understand what it means to prevail, in order to make this world a better place. 


This is why my one word: BELIEVE, will guide me through 2016.  It is a powerful word for me and I will use it creatively to help me grow as a leader and continue to help build a successful foundation for Buddy West Elementary.  I cannot wait to see what this school year will bring for our teachers, students, and staff at Buddy West Elementary because we BELIEVE IN US!  #westbelieve


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