Ireland Elementary

CHAMPS is classroom organization to promote appropriate classroom behavior.  There is one absolute rule within the CHAMPS approach.  Students should be treated with dignity and respect.  Belittling or ridicule has no place in the effective teacher’s repertoire of behavior support practices.  It is designed to help classroom teachers develop an effective classroom management plan that is proactive, positive and instructional. CHAMPS stands for conversation, help, activity, movement, participation and success. 
  • C – Conversation - Can students talk to each other during this activity or transition?
  • H – Help - How do students get their questions answered?  How do they get your attention?
  • A – Activity - What is the task or objective?  What is the expected end product?
  • M – Movement - Can students move about?  (i.e. are they allowed to get up and sharpen a pencil or get supplies?)
  • P – Participation - What does the expected student behavior look and sound like?  How do students show they are fully participating?
  • S – Success - If students follow the CHAMPS expectations, they will be successful!
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