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Perfect Attendance stipend offered again

You may recall when the Board of Trustees approved the 2016-17 budget in June they kept the Retention Incentive and the Perfect Attendance Incentive in the place for this year.

            A quick summary: the Retention Incentive for teachers is $3,000, for teacher aides it is $800, and for all paraprofessionals & certified nurses it is $300. Half of the incentive is paid to those who finish the fall semester with us and the other half is paid to those who finish the school year.

            The Perfect Attendance Stipend is for classroom teachers only (please check with your principal or supervisor if you have questions about your eligibility) and has the following stipulations: 

·         Only a Teacher of Record will be eligible

·         A teacher can earn $425 per attendance period for perfect attendance (based upon 6 attendance periods per year there is a potential of $2,550)

·         The attendance incentive begins anew each attendance period

·         The teacher must fulfill his/her contractual obligation for the current school year in order to qualify

·         The incentive will be paid in June (in July for Gale Pond Alamo teachers)


Here are the Perfect Attendance periods for 2016-17

August 8 – September 16  (29 days)

September 19  October 28  (30 days)

October 31 – December 16  (30 days)

January 2 – February 17  (34 days)

February 20 – April 7  (30 days)

April 10 – May 31  (34 days)


These are the Perfect Attendance periods for Gale Pond Alamo

August 1 – September 9  (29 days)

September 12 – October 28  (31 days)

October 31  -- December 16  (26 days)

January 2  -- February 17 (34 days)

February 20 – April 13  (34 days)

April 18  -- June 16  (33 days)


With these two incentives, a first-year teacher can earn more than $50,000.
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