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Students Become the Researcher
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Student Ownership 
Curriculum Alignment

 “Programs like this are few and far between but I think they are on the leading edge...this is what we're going to see in the next decade. This is not something you normally see in school districts, this is something that's going to be brand-new and I think it will be replicated. I suspect this will be published, people are going to find out about this and be replicating this around the country.”   

 -Dr. Greg Gage, Neuroscientist and Owner of  Backyard Brains 


"As a Superintendent in Ector County ISD, I cannot describe how excited I am about the things that are happening with PICK Education.  While working with our curriculum department, PICK Education blends real world learning with the requirements that we have from the State-mandated knowledge and skills that our students need.  PICK Education allows students to create learning rather than just receiving learning.  I am very pleased with the opportunities that are being afforded to our students."

 -Tom Crowe, ECISD Superintendent 

I got to be the teacher ambassador for Pick Education here at Falcon and I thought it was fantastic. It was not only a once in a lifetime experience for some of these kids, it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience for me. I absolutely love the ambassador aspect of it, these kids are now the experts. And they will be able to teach what they did learn and how to do the experiment to their fellow students. And I just think that’s fantastic.”

-Elizabeth Gray, ECISD AVID Coordinator and Falcon Early College High School Instructor

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